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How to lower cholesterol level naturally!

Cholesterol is a very common lifestyle disease and most people are affected to high Cholesterol level now days. If you are one of them or you want to take precaution to prevent high cholesterol then go with only home remedies and some lifestyle modification. With the help of both you can lower your cholesterol levels easily and naturally. Lower down your LDL, Total cholesterol, triglycerides and boost HDL naturally and quickly for healthy arteries and well being. In this article we mentioned effective and natural remedies only that can help to lower your cholesterol level for sure. Just lower your cholesterol with the help of some dietary changes and also follow some lifestyle patterns to get complete benefit.

Lower Cholesterol level

Top 10 tips and ideas to lower cholesterol level naturally

Orange Juice to lower Cholesterol

Regular consumption of orange juice makes arteries healthy to lower your Cholesterol level. Squeeze oranges and have a cup of orange juice daily to maintain your cholesterol level.Clinical researches have proven now that Orange juice reduces LDL level(Bad Cholesterol) by 16% and boost HDL level (Good Cholesterol), when you regular consume orange juice.

Flax seeds to lower Cholesterol

Flax seeds Contain great amount of Omega3s. Intake of Omega3s actually lowers your LDL and if you are vegetarian then Flax seeds are the best option to reduce complete your omega3s deficiency by consuming Flax seeds.

  • Roast it little then Grind the flax seeds.

  • Consume 1 tablespoon daily.

  • You can sprinkle flax seeds on your morning cereals or Salad to turn into extra healthy diet.

Avoid Saturated fats to lower Cholesterol

When you are trying to lower your cholesterol really then please big NO to saturated fats. Before eating anything read carefully contain of saturated fat in that item. If you are consuming ready to serve food immediately stop it apart from that Pizza, Burger, Donuts and cookies which can contain bad fat or saturated fat try to avoid as much as you can.

  • Have some Good fat like canola oil, olive oil and sunflower oil etc.

Fibers to lower Cholesterol

Whole grain, fruits and vegetable which are rich in fiber is good Anti-oxidant for heart health. So, you can include more fiber in your diet to lower cholesterol level naturally. Particularly Soluble fibers are lowering cholesterol dietary fiber intended. Soluble fibers work like sponge to absorb the cholesterol in digestive tracts. Rich source of soluble fiber found in beans, kidney beans, chickpeas, oats and barley and more importantly in Psyllium husk.

  • Eat dried beans everyday in any form as lentil or veggie.

  • Eat Oats as morning breakfast to lower cholesterol level.

Herbs to lower cholesterol

The result of several studies shows that various herbs are actually lower cholesterol level and triglycerides too. According to studies Garlic, Cinnamon, Fenugreek seeds, Guggulipid and holy basils has provided by natures to lower cholesterol quickly and naturally.

  • Drink Cinnamon tea and add honey in this for effective results.

  • Soak tablespoon of fenugreek overnight, early morning drink this water and see the significant changes in your Cholesterol level.

Fruits to lower cholesterol

Many fruits are also important source of soluble fibers. As Grapes, apple, oranges, berries as (strawberry, blueberry and blackberry). Apple contains pectin and soluble fiber which are helpful to lower LDL level significantly. Intake of grapes reduces LDL level and boost HDL level significantly. Berries are rich in Anti-oxidant and heart friendly too.

Nuts to lower Cholesterol

Extensive researches believed that nuts as almond, walnut, and pistachio etc. can lower cholesterol significantly. Particularly Almond and Walnut seems much beneficial in it. Walnut reduces LDL cholesterol level and Almond boosts HDL level. But, nuts are also high in calorie so intake of nuts should be in moderation; Exerts says.

Physical activity to lower Cholesterol

Apart from dietary changes, now need few changes in your lifestyle patterns too to lower your cholesterol level. Stay fit by being active, as known to everyone. By being physically active can raise HDL level (Good cholesterol) by can maximize the benefits to include some exercises too as climbing stairs upwards also reduce LDL level significantly and the same time HDL level will get boost up at least by 10 %.

  • If you are doing desk job for long hour then walk for 5 minutes in each hour of intervals in office too.

  • Often try to use the stairs in office, mall or supermarkets instead of elevators.

Morning walk to lower Cholesterol

Morning walk has numerous health benefits. Most importantly, when you are trying to lower cholesterol then morning walk can be your best friend. The result of walking is very promising as well to lower cholesterol level. You can reduce LDL (Bad cholesterol) level 10-15% and boost HDL (good cholesterol) level up to 16%. Use pedometer while walking and 10,000 steps will boost it significantly but start slowly then reach to the goal. Expert advised 30-50 aged man should walk 2 miles three times in a week and increase you’re walking until you walk 3 miles four times in a week. If you are older than 50 than walk up to 1 miles four times in a week and increase until you walk 3 miles four times in a week during 10th week and afterward. Do some aerobics exercises to as per your comfort level.

  • Jogging, cycling, Swimming, running and cross country skiing are main solution to improve your cholesterol level.

Note: Regularity in walk and exercises will show the significant effect to your cholesterol level , so to get benefitted by following routine that is the most important part of remedies.

Stop Smoking to lower Cholesterol

Clinical research shown Smoking affects onto cholesterol to raise LDL/triglycerides and reduce the HDL also. So quit smoking to get numerous health benefits and improve your cholesterol levels too. Positive changes have been seen within two weeks to those people who has quit smoking at right time has significant changes in cholesterol health.

  • It’s a right time for you to quit smoking and lower cholesterol level and enjoy healthy lifestyle pattern.

Furthermost, Just follow some of the dietary changes as well modify the lifestyle pattern and lower cholesterol level easily and naturally. If you are having any allergy to specific stuff or taking any medications then talk to your health practioners first before stepping.

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