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How to do Perfect Manicure at home like Salon!

Manicure makes your hand soft, smooth and beautiful, after done manicure when you polish your nail then it becomes just out of the world. When you go to salon and have manicure then it is very expensive, so all the time you cannot visit the salon for manicure due to cost and time too. Women works at home using their hand vigorously then hand appear choppy, dry and lose the glow. To get back your hand beauty Do manicure at home easily, that is cost effective and less time consuming. In this Article, you will get step by step easy process of manicure at home. Professional therapeutic done at home, for this you need perfect tools and steps only.

So, first we will collect right tools for Manicure!

  • Nail polish remover & cotton balls.

  • Nail Filer& buffing block

  • Big Bowl with shampoo

  • Cuticle stick

  • Cuticle oil

  • Sugar scrub to exfoliate

  • Moisturizer for hand

  • Nail Polish (Base coat, Color, top coat)

Do a Perfect Manicure at home (with pictures) step by step!

Manicure at home

Remove your nail polish before start your manicure just need to eliminate your old nail polish, smudge & spill by positioning your arms and hand to the flat surface. Use a non-acetone and pleasant aromatic remover, which is recommended by famous makeup Artist in fashion world.

Manicure at home

Filing & buffing your nails Trim your nails first if really needed otherwise file it as your desired shape as round, square or in between. Then buff tops and nail gently to create a silky supple surface.

Manicure at home
Soak your hand Soak your hand for 2-3 minutes maximum in warm water. You can mix few drop of mild soap or shampoo in it to remove dirt’s from the hand. After soaking wash your hand with fresh water.

Manicure at home
Exfoliate your hand
After cleansing now time for scrubbing or exfoliating, which will remove dead cell layer and tan from the skin. You can use Smoothing body scrub available in market otherwise you can make at home to. Take 1 tablespoon of sugar and mix this with baby oil. Gently rub over full hands, this will keep away your dead cells and tanning. It will fragrance nice and make hands super silky. Wash off with cold water and pat day.

Manicure at home

Set your cuticles
Don’t cut your cuticles as it protects your nails from bacteria to keep them soft. Gently push back your cuticles with stick. Apply Vitamin E enrich cuticle oil to make it soft and generous.

Manicure at home

Moisturize your hand Moisturize your hands with mild and silky moisturizer. Now time to give your hands a mini massage and get relaxation. You are not in spa, but it doesn’t mean you will escape your relaxing tip. Massage keep hands smooth and supple and you will also feel calm. So, do it for 3-4 minutes by gentle tips. For a final touch, wipe the moisture from the nail surface by using nail remover. Because, Nail polish can’t stay with moisturizer. Wipe your nails well for the next step (Nail polish).

Manicure at home

Apply base coat
now time to apply the base coat, it protects and hydrate the nails and make a smooth surface for perfect paint. Just apply a thin layer of base coat is enough to settle! Two minutes at least will take to dry your base coat for color your nails.

Manicure at home
Apply Nail Polish Now finally, color your nails with your favouriate shade. Start painting with the center and then both side as professionals do. Try to apply thin layer over nails. Wait for 2 minutes let it dry. Then again apply second coat of nail polish to make it perfect.

Manicure at home
Apply Top coat
Applying top coat add shines and extra protection to your nail polish as well manicure. A thin layer you can coat over nail polish of top coat, you can enjoy shimmer coat also. Let it dry well, top coat covers all your nails entirely and prevent chapping to secure beauty of Manicure.

Manicure at homeClean up extra smudge & enjoy tip a cotton ball in nail polish remover and make sure to remove extra smudge if dropped over skin or cuticles. Do it very carefully. Take care of your beautiful Nail colors and now time to enjoy the beauty of your hand and beautifully colored nail polish.

So, finally get your perfect nails and manicure at home like salon professional. Do your manicure at home and makes your hand beautiful and super silky like butter.

Let’s have a try of this manicure steps take help with the pictures and DIY. Share with us also your experience of manicure in below comment box 🙂

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