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5 ways to Cure Pimples naturally !

Pimple occur on face create red patches, itching, skin irritation etc. like red spot small or medium sized with puss very unfortunate almost every people face this problem at any stage. This is very ridiculous if not treated well. There is lots of skin cream and medicines to cure pimples and many effective remedies are also available to remove pimples completely. What I think pimples should be treated at home by home remedies then it can sooth it naturally. In this article you will find natural home remedies to cure and remove pimples completely.


5 ways to Cure Pimples naturally

Face Cleaning Start with cleansing regime, wash with only cold water every time. Wash your face thrice in a day at least. If you are using face wash then use Neem face washes to cure pimples. You take steam too, to cleanse your face well.dnt rub the face rigorously, gently wash and pat dry with soft towel. During pimples always avoid makeup on your face. Because makeup cause closes the pores and pimples can worsen, so avoid as much as you can. And keep your skin fresh with wash so that skin can hydrate and repair cells.

Sandal powder Make a fine paste of sandal powder and apply all over face. Leave it for 30 minutes; take rest by closing your eyes. Then rinse off with cold water. Amazing soothing capability sandal has really. It will cure pimples and eliminate red patches and will also get relaxed to skin irritation.

Turmeric powder Turmeric has anti-bacterial properties. so it has great affect on your pimples. Make a paste of turmeric powder in normal water apply this on your pimples, let it for 15 minutes then gently wash.You will notice that pimples can dry in overnight, so enjoy the effect of turmeric which is most effective remedied to cure pimples naturally at home.

Lemon Juice lemon juice has citrus acid and rich in Vitamin C. very effective to remove your pimples without marks. Squeeze 1 lemon juice and apply on pimples at night before going to bed. Early morning wash with cold water and see the difference. Bit itching can happen just after applying but it will be cool after a while. But if itching regularly occurs then wash your face immediately. Because every skin are different from others. But if lemon juice suits to your skin then, it’s wonderful remedies to remove and cure pimples.

Aloe Vera Aloe Vera known as magical plant. It can cure pimples; eliminate skin irritation, itching and redness because of its Anti-inflammatory elements. Apply Fresh Aloe Vera pulp to your face twice in a day let it for 10 minutes then wash with cold water. You can also take Aloe Vera juice to cure skin problems. It will make your skin clear, fresh and pimple free too. Aloe Vera has great soothing magic on skin that’s why beauty regime cannot be completed without Aloe Vera. Try Aloe Vera pulp and removes pimples and together reduce red spot and itching due to pimples.

All the natural stuff we are trying to present, to cure pimples at home by natural home remedies. Let it try once and get the benefits to remove pimples and Enjoy pimple free glowing Skin.

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Stay Glowing 🙂 

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