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10 Ways to get fair skin naturally

Fair and milky white complexion is the attraction in India specially. Every girl wants her skin tone fair weather with the help of salon treatment or by any beauty product. That’s why girls are now days just tried one by one the entire beauty product available in market with latest and eye-catching advertising exposure. Finally because of very huge uses of chemical skin loses its natural glow and fairness and turn into Dull, tan, and dead cell make over the face. If you are facing these problems then keep reading this article is specially written for those who wants back their Fair skin.                                                                                                                   [Read : 5 ways to cure Pimples]

Fair skin

10 natural and effective ways to get fair Skin

Follow CTM Everyday follows CTM (Cleansing, toning & moisturizing) as in regular basis to get fair skin. Every morning we get freshen up and apply little of even more makeup for our daytime. When we apply makeup on your face either it will be only face cream and pressed powder. Then, pore of the skin closed by layers until makeup has not removed and skin cannot breathe during. Thus, you can suffer basic skin problems like dead cells, dry and dull skin. To get rid of all skin follow CTM process problems and fair skin can be get.            [20 tip for fair & glowing skin]

  • Cleanse your face with mild face wash or besan.

  • Apply toner as per your skin type.

  • Moisturize your skin well to nourish the skin.

Before going to bed, apply CTM and each morning get fresh and healthy skin.

Face pack once in a week apply face pack to tighten the pores and clogs. This will enhance your skin texture to make it fair. While selecting a face pack just keep in mind your skin type first. Fuller earth powder works wonder for oily skin but not much suitable for dry skin. So if your face pack did not work then analyze your skin type then choose a face pack to get fair skin.

  • After cleansing your face, apply face pack on all over face.

  • Leave it dry for 20 minutes then rinse off with cold water.

  • While drying face pack take rest by closing your eyes, don’t stress and speak that time. It can make fine line on your face.

Weekly you can apply any face pack best suited to your skin and after4-5 weeks your ultra fair skin will be back.

Scrub your face Scrubbing is essential regime in beauty dictionary. As many face scrub are available in market. But you can make scrub at home too. Rice floor scrub, oatmeal scrub and sooji scrub are very effective for all skin type. Scrub removes dirt’s & pollution and also eliminates dead skin from your face. After removal of dead skin you skin will be fair by inner.

  • Wash your face then gently apply scrub by soft hand and in circular motion.

  • Massage it at least 2 minutes with scrub, than leave it for 10 minutes.

  • Wash with lukewarm water, pat dry with soft towel.

Scrub is magical property for fair skin, it nourishes the skin better. Once in a week recommended for every skin type to get fair skin.

Fruits mask fairness are hidden in fruits have ever heard? Lightening on this – fruit mask are just wonderful step to get fair skin. Some particular fruits enhance the complexion and texture of skin and make it fair. Papaya mask, banana mask, strawberry mask and orange masks are just marvelous for skin. All of these remove tan, suntan and dead skin and make your fair.

  • Make your favorite fruits mask each of them, mash it well.

  • Apply on all over face, leave it for 20 minutes.

  • Remove the mask by massage slowly in circular way and rinse off with cold water.

You can use twice or thrice also, because fruit mask are very natural to have on skin. It’s a very effective home remedies to get fair skin.

Juices for fair skin intake of your juices in a day can enhance your beauty and turned into fair skin. Such fruit and green juices work well to improve your skin tone as in fair skin. As orange juice, sweet lime juice, lemon water, pomegranate juice, beetroot, carrot and mint juices are much effective to improve the skin texture.

  • After having breakfast take your fruit and green juice 1 glass a day.

  • Skin will get well hydrated by taking fluids. Blood circulation of your

Skin also improves then your dull skin will turn into fair skin by inside.

Eat well Balanced eating habit turns your skin also healthy. Stop eating junk foods like pizza, burger, donuts, chips, candies and cold drinks. It damages your skin through Tran’s fats and bad fats which contains invisibly in this stuff.

Stay hydrated Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water in day. Start your morning with Luke warm water and cleanse your digestive system internally. Water is very much essential to cleansing and flushing out toxin from the body.

  • Drink 10 glass of water every day.

  • Drink water always by sip.

  • If possible take warm water, which will helpful in weight loss.

Water ads glow to your skin. If not believed then try it once for a week only. Then you will continue to water your body. Fewer fluids in body can make your face dull, but taking adequate water can make skin fair more than before.

Cope up with stress Internally we became tired and irritating because of stress it affects on skin very badly. Skin become tired loses their charm, glow and natural skin tone and texture too. Slowly you can lose your fair skin tone and get back into dull and tan skin. Deal with stress and be happy & healthy that can turns your skin healthy and fair too.
                                                                                                              [Read:how to make balance between work and family]

  • Start some relaxing regime in your routine.

  • Take a break from your work and enjoy your moments which make you happy.

Dealing with stress will make your life healthy and your skin will also thank you to make it fair and ultra fair.

Fitness regime Follow some fitness regime every day. You can do few cardio, walk, yoga or gym for to flush out toxin from your body well. This entire fitness regime will tone your body muscles internally to make it beautiful.

  • Does yoga every morning, Morning walk or jogging is also very easy.

  • After work out sit and relax for 30 minutes, drink water well and then bath.

Excess toxins will way out from sweat of your body. Blood circulation will better and you will be healthy by inner that will reflect on your skin. You will get fair skin by doing some fitness activity.

Sleep well Beauty sleep enhances complexion and glow of face. If you will not take proper sleep for at least 8 hours then skin problems dark circle under eyes, dull skin, wrinkles and tired face occurs. Sleep enhances your complexion so keep your beauty sleep at same time every day to get fair and glowing skin.
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Let’s try and start up your contour to fair skin. To get fair skin step by step follow above all that best suits your daily routine and forever beauty with fair skin.

Stay beautiful 🙂

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