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Summer Make up tips – 6 steps to apply Makeup in every summer

We all know that when Makeup melt in summer days then it’s so embarrassing. Thus, it’s very essential to make sure before, during and after applying of makeup that it will stay prolong without melting. Make up melts in summer not because of hot weather. When we sweat, Skin produces excess oil in summers. To prevent all these have some simple steps & techniques for summer make up through which your make up can perfectly done and stay at the place.{Make up tips}

Sweat and pollution are the basic ruining component of make up in summer, you should plan your make up with it .these are the tips which can maintain you make up in hot summer days.

Summer make up tips

6 techniques to apply Makeup in every summers

  1. Wash your face with mild cleanser or face wash.
  2. Apply powder foundation with SPF 35 instead of cream foundation with brushes.
  3. Use concealer where as required especially eyes corner and under eyes need it.
  4. Apply Bronzer or blush on apple of cheekbone, nose line and chin upward and outward direction, choose light  pink, peach or apricot shades for glossy look.
  5. Choose Sheer Cream eye shadow with colorful shades which can hold the shining.
  6. Apply Waterproof mascara is very good option in summer days preventive option to get rid of spread out.

Summer make up tips presenting perfect & simple way to apply make up in the hot & summer days. To apply all these tips you can protect your skin in hot summer days. These steps will hold the Makeup without melting elsewhere. Before Giving a final touch to your makeup in summers, focus on trends and weather and look radiance and gorgeous.{5 simple makeup tips to look gorgeous}



Stay Radiant :-) 

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