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Top 10 Benefits & advantage of Morning walk

Morning Walk at early morning everyday promotes a healthy lifestyle. If you are seeking a healthy, peaceful and joyful life, then start with walk. As you all know 30 minutes of brisk walk can change your life completely and turn it into really blissful life. “Early morning walk is a blessing for the whole day”, well said by Henry David Thoreau.

You can also take walk in afternoon, evening and post dinner walk. But, numerous health & lifestyle benefits and advantage of morning walk are which can’t be replaced by any other. Steal only 30 minutes from your morning busy schedule for early morning walk to get these health benefits and improve the quality of your lifestyle. Best timing of morning walk is between 5:00 am and 7:00 am when temperature is moderate and you can enjoy first ray of sun to boost your energy level up throughout the day. You can also inhale fresh air which is only get in the morning.wake up and Start your morning walk as early as you can.


Morning Walk

Top 10 health benefits of early Morning walk everyday:

  1. Weight loss :  Weight control regime completes along with morning walk. When you walk in the evening in first 30 minutes you are burning glucose then you will burn extra calorie and fats. But in the early morning walk you start burning calorie from the start. So if you are following weight loss program then start with morning walk as moderate exercise to control weight.

  2. Good for heart : Early morning walk considers good for heart as well. It controls high cholesterol level by regular walk. 30 minutes of brisk walk five days a week means 150 minutes each week of morning walk make your heart healthy.

  3. Diabetic control  :  Morning walk is just a wonderful medicine for diabetes. People just can control diabetes by adding regular walk in their lifestyle. It also works wonder for prevention of diabetes. Walking support to utilize the insulin properly, thus blood sugar level improves. It’s a best remedy and cure for diabetes. Persons can loose some fat that will also helpful to cure diabetes.

  4. Hypertension control  :  Morning walk control blood pressure level naturally. Walk increases blood flow in the body. Thus, it lowers the high blood pressure to control hypertension. At least 20-30 minutes of walk can control this disease.

  5. Stress reducer  :  walk can reduce your stress level surprisingly. Believed it or not if not then let’s try. You will realize this powerful point after letting it a try. Everyone have their own stress. Basically urban lifestyle makes life much stressful. To release this stress start morning walk, it will rejuvenate your mood, body and soul. You will start to feel happier and positive towards surrounding. Various studies show it just copes up with depression and boost self esteem. Walk surrounded your neighborhood, if possible walk with neighbors and friends that will make a social bond and keep you energized.

  6. Mental health :  for psychological wellness starts your day by some positive activities. That can make your whole day happier and healthy. None other than morning walk will boost your mind and mood. Mental sickness make person lazy and irritating which can easily resolved by this easiest exercise which can be done in campus. Only few steps in the morning and get rid of mental illness. Refresh yourself with fresh air of early morning.

  7. Improve muscle tone & strength :  walking is an easy to do aerobics without going gym. While walking your muscles regularly involves in activity, which makes it stronger day by day. If the person who are regular do walk involves in heavy physical workout for longer comparison to others who are not a regular walker. How it is when muscles are stronger with toned; so nice isn’t it. Amazingly muscles of feet, abs and tummy will be toned if you will do a regular walk. Now, people who want strong muscles and toned too then go for a walk and get healthy lifestyle.

  8. Energy Booster  :  when you wake up in the morning your energy level is just low. You just want to stop alarm and sleep for a while. Only cup of tea and coffee can boost your energy level. But once you enjoyed walk in early morning in outdoor will forget your cup of caffeine each morning definitely. Walk increases the blood circulation and supply the oxygen. Which make you energetic and rejuvenating at every steps. You can get your energy back in few weeks after doing walk in the early morning. Make some friends and co walker who are also health conscious and wanted to make their lifestyle much happier. You will be energetic for longer and will never skip morning walk.

  9. Improve blood circulation : while walking in the morning people get fresh air and oxygen. That gives huge energy to your joints too. Walk increases blood circulation and keep body active and fit. When people walk Leg movement releases HDL (Good cholesterol) also. Better circulation you get only By walk.

  10. Additional Benefits :  Numerous health & beauty benefits you can enjoy after adding morning walk in your lifestyle.

  • Better flow of RBC will make skin glowing naturally.

  • Getting Vitamin D while walking in outdoor.

  • Boost your immune system

  • Good for joints and arthritis.

  • Lowers LDL (Bad cholesterol).

  • Raise HDL (Good Cholesterol).

  • Reduce sleep disorders.

  • Better physical strengths.

So, Get up early and start your morning walks for miles. Start slowly as you feel comfortable, soon after when body adopt this changes than increase the pace and miles. Follow good posture while walking and be peaceful. Free from all worries and stress and live a healthy life. You would notice the changes in yourself very soon that you are opting a healthy and better lifestyle which you always wanted. Morning is the best time to fuel you to do best for whole day. This will make your day, because when your stress will decreased whatever you will do whole day with full energy, obviously outcomes will be positive.

It’s time to tie the lashes of your shoes and roam around.

Stay fit 🙂 

Keep sharing your view, if you are a regular walker; share your own thoughts and experience.

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