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How to make Balance between Work and family life

Work is important we all know for our better lifestyle But being workaholic is not good. Work for your better lifestyle, but while working you always forget this, you remain working for money, fame & more.  That results in job dissatisfaction, stress, fatigue and many personal & health issues. It can badly influence you and your family. To get rid of this make adequate balance between your work life & personal life that’s important. {Health & Fitness tips}

work and family life

Top Ten tips to easily make balance between work and family life

  1. Set Boundaries : set you boundaries between work and personal life. When work time over, down your laptop and enjoy with family. But it’s difficult sometimes to set boundaries because of pressurized working hours then deal with it calmly. Ensure that in your working time you are done with all urgent assignments. When you work then work, don’t pull out the assigned work & take at home to finish. Never do this, it can be your habits and ruin your family life. Family will be disappointed due to this behavior. So, set boundaries and when come at home enjoy the weather, indoor games, play with your children, talk to your elders and Share the joyful moments with spouse.

  2. Change pattern : if you are really a workaholic and made already this as your work pattern then change it now. First you decide and write up about your pattern then see what will happen if you go with this pattern. Honestly you only can better decide being a responsible and generous person you will decide and set a better pattern to make balance your work and family life as surly.

  3. Time management : Time is very precious as all know, but it doesn’t mean that your time is only for work. Work in well manner then back to home. There are hundreds of things you can do in evening. Don’t give your extra time to your office if it’s not really needed, sometime work extra, it can be necessary and you have to do as on urgently required for the company. As, founder of Infosys, Narayan murthi said to all employs of Infosys that “Leave you office at time”. Its Indian mentality to work late in office will make you hard worker and committed at your workplace. It’s genuinely not true at all. Thus, manage your time and make balance between work and family life.

  4. Team building  : Team work and team building are always fruitful. It can be your all time support if you will be kind or supportive. If you think you can do it by yourself only and no need of support then put down this attitude. Be open and supportive; make a team in office and home areas, which will always reflect support and happiness in your life. You can take their help and make sure when they really needed you have to be there. This can make smooth your tricky time. Start team building for your better work and family life balance.

  5. Set your focus : Focus is very much important no matters at work or at home. If you are doing with focus your work at office then it will complete in working hours and outcomes will be amazing. Don’t try to be multitasking at once. Concentrate on whatever you are doing, you cannot do all things at same time. It will create only mess. When you are working just work and when spending time with family enjoy the moment, forget all official work. These will surly help you out to make balance between work and family life.

  6. Set you goal : when you are working harder and performing well in your office. Now time to set your goal. Where you want to be and what do you target to be achieved. Follow the path chosen by you calmly where you can manage both work and family life too.

  7. Ask for support : if you are setting your goals and changing your old patterns, ask for helps to your boss, friends, colleagues and spouse. Then it can be easier to opt new pattern at work and home. You can enjoy each & every moments with your life by making balance between work and family life.

  8. Learn to say NO : When work comes at your desk and you are not capable to put extra efforts and times in that case frankly say “NO”. If you will say no then that’s it. It is finish that time but in other hand if you took this then you have to complete that at any cost. And cost will be your precious personal time that you should not afford at all. Simple words can also make balance between work and family life.

  9. Spend quality time : Spending time with family this point has much power, when you spend your time with your family then nothing can be as beautiful. Plan some frolic Friday, go for a dinner and enjoy as your family wishes. When you spend your time with family which really make smiles them. That is your power, happiness and strength to do something. In your private time shut down your laptop and switch off your mobile, enjoy it fullest.this is the smarter way to make balance between work and family life. Plan leisure outing for weekend gateways and short holiday vacation when you can. Go to long drive, enjoy sauna & massage, try different foods, play in outdoors, and swim. These all will work effectively, you will feel relax and happy by your inner. It really recharges yourself and boosts your mood. After this relaxing leisure /vacation you can effectively work at your work place and make your family happy to be happy.

  10. Ensure for healthy lifestyle : it’s very hard to take time for exercise and any fitness regimen in this hectic era. But it is completely yes to fitness program as go for gym, do yoga or morning walk/jogging anything which suits you. Say no to junk food, avoids can and packaged food. Start as fresh, organic and healthy food habits. Five days fitness regimen in a week is essential to make yourself healthy and fit. Fitness impacts your efficiency and social character. So, be fit and increase your efficiency, for job satisfaction which will make you happy and satisfied. If you are happy and satisfied then you can make a happy family.{Health & Fitness tips}

These ten tips will make balance between your work and family life. Only need to change some pattern, habits and set some focus. Enhance your quality time with family and same time get appreciation at your workplace. Nothing can be better than it, so enjoy it.{Weight loss tips}

Stay Happy 🙂

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