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How to wake up early morning naturally – Top 10 Tips and ideas to wake up early Morning

It's always tough to wake up early in the morning, isn't it ?   Many alarms via mobile and clocks you applied every night but next morning these ending up in snoozes. When you waked up late, sounds you have not utilized the most important part of the day and again try different techniques to wake up early.  so, how to wake up in the morning even without morning alarms ?

Now - no need to worry much because at end of the article you will be empowered with strong ideas to wake up with guarantee every morning. This articles is going to focus on the root causes and solutions of them which eventually help you wake up early or better to say plan your day with early morning  icebreaker.

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First Understand basics about your body, sleep and needs

Every person has their own body needs and sleeping cycle and it's important to understand them before expecting any change. Improving your sleeping habits will eventually helps in waking up early.

  1. Sleeping cycles / Body Clock- If you traveled by Air to long distances like India to US you must experienced 'jet lag'. It create sleep disorders and you feel like you are few hours early, you don't able to sleep on your regular time and wake up as well. It take few days to return to normal. The lesson we need to take from here is to understand that our body also has a virtual clock inside which knows when to sleep and when not.

  2. Working in Shifts - The same as above you experience  when you change your job shift say from 9 am- 6 pm  TO 10 pm-7 am. You will be trapped in sleep disorder for few day until your body adapt with new cycle.

  3. Sleeping hours unit - 90 minutes -  If you watch your sleeping hours need it comes in multiple of 90 minute. Example you sleep either 6 hours or 7.30 hours or 9 hours. You feel uneasiness and sleepy if you waked up before completion of the unit,  like waking up after 6.45 hours of sleep.

Top 10 tips & ideas for natural early morning wake up

  1. Find out your body sleeping needs  : You must be aware about your body sleeping needs.  e.g as an average new born baby need 15-17 hours of sleep, Young adults needs 6-8 hours, Old age persons need 5-6 hours as you saw around in our society. Many times we try to sleep less and want to wake up early  that's the biggest reason of our failure in early morning routine. Your body needs adequate hours of sleep so calculate how many hours you generally sleep and feel comfortable irrespective your sleep and wake up timings. and it must be in multiple Sleeping hours units as described above.

  2. Decide and fix your morning wake up timing slot  : Each of us has different morning wake up needs some of us want 6 am, some of us 7 am and for some its 8 am as well. So fix you morning wake up slot, its important because your body clock need to adapt the new pattern and applies it daily to make it a habit which eventually helps us easy and effortless morning wake up practice.

  3. Decide and fix your bed time and  sleeping time slot  :  It's important to understand that going to bed and sleeping are both different things. Going to bed is not always for sleeping, isn't it ?. Go to bed at least 1 hour early before sleeping, So examples

    1. Example 1  -  if you want to wake up in the morning around 6 am slot daily and you boy needs at least 6 hours of sleep then your sleeping time is 12 am midnight and bed time is 11 pm.

    2. Example 2  -  if you want to wake up in the morning around 7 am slot daily and you boy needs at least 8 hours of sleep then your sleeping time is 11 pm and bed time is 10 pm. 

  4. Follow Bed time rules  :  once you are in bed follow few mandatory rules which is again must and can be manageable.

    1. Bed room must be neat and clean and well arranged- no cloths, books,  laptops, towels etc lies here and there. All must be arranged. Bed room should be extra clean and fresh. Bed sheets should be fresh washed and neatly tied with mattress. The idea here is to feel afresh and energized. 

    2. Thoroughly wash your legs, hands, face, head with fresh water just before going to sleep. Have a bath if possible specially in summers, humid seasons. Brush you teeth as well and use mouthwash. The idea here is to again feel afresh and energized.

  5. Say 'BIG NO' to electronics gadgets - Mobiles, tablets, laptops, TV  : Your electronic gadgets are biggest enemies of your sleeping habit and tend you towards hidden anxiety and sleeping disorders. It delays your sleeping time and tired your body which makes you uncomfortable in waking up early.  All these should be kept either powered off or silent before bed time. Don't keep it on bed, rather keep it at table with enough distance from bed so you can't reach without standing up even if needed.

  6. Avoid brain engaging tasks before bed time :  You should avoid brain intensive work just before bed time like office meetings/calls, solving a puzzle, watching complex or mind engaging TV programs. It creates anxiety in you mind and trouble you sleeping. You can enjoy having pillow talk with you partner or listening light old music (less intensity and with slow pitch),  at bed time . Don't plan and discuss important things. Use you day time or after dinner time during walk for this.

  7. Decide and fix Morning Trigger : Morning wake up trigger is most important and powerful tool for wake up daily. If you think when you last waked up early morning then instances like catching early morning train; OR early morning meeting with your boss, senior, clients who are in different time zones say IST-EST meetings;  etc jumps in your mind. So, decide your favorite trigger tool and do it daily. It might be your passionate hobby like gardening; or pressure like client meetings ; or routine of your child schools drop; or your part time passion or business . It should be something which you can't avoid anyway or either love a lot.

  8. Avoid heavy dinner :  Always avoid heavy dinner as a heath practice. Your diet chart should be balanced and dinner should be the lightest of all 3 main meals of the day, take less carbohydrate and more salads & soups. There should be a gap of at least 2 hours between your dinner and bed time. So, if you bed time is 11 pm then you dinner must be finished by 9 pm or early.

  9. Post Dinner walk : Post dinner walk of 15-30 minutes has numerous benefits.  It helps your body to digest dinner easily and gives you sufficient gap between bed time and dinner. It also engage us in enjoying surroundings in night during our night walk and refreshes our mind. we can also utilize this time for 'walk n talk' with our partner, kids, or friends on phone (phone with caution - at not busy lanes or roads).

  10. and in last the most Important idea:   Make commitment like Salman Khan that you can't break your commitment once done - Talk to yourself and with your partner at bed time that what your next morning agenda and Say to yourself " I will wake up at '6' am and will do 'morning meeting with client' and this is very important for me."  The confidence and zeal will get you up before your set time naturally. However initially for a month or two must use alarm clock or mobile alarm to wake up  at expected time until you body clock adjusted with your new regime. Once heard of the morning alarm, jump-off the bed and drink 2-4 glass of water immediately without worrying to rinse your mouth. Rest water will do all you don't need to worry at all 🙂 . This practice will keep many ailments and diseases out of you as well.

So, how are you feeling now  - energized about next early morning wake up - Yeah! our best wishes are with you.

Comments us back with you experience.

All the best 🙂

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  1. great tips, I will apply n try.

    • hi shruti,
      Glad that u liked, please apply and let us know ur experience too.


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