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How to get sound Sleep – Top 10 Tips and ideas for better sleep at night

Most of the people affected to sleep disorder. Taking a Sound Sleep at night keeps a person refreshing whole day. But, the thing is that how to get sound sleep? You are trying every night with this problem and could not identify the problem and remedies than you can get irritated & depressed very soon. Few people start taking sleeping pills and some of them either smoke or drink, few of them started watching TV and especially women start preparation for early morning. But all these activities what you are doing are taking you far away to sleep and falling you in sleep disorder. if you are not getting proper sleep at night time it will affect your day time work productivity, tiring psychically, yawning every time in front of your colleague and boss will be so embarrassing. It also harm you emotionally will result into fatigue and irritation. So, it’s time to get up and follow some tips and tricks which best suits your sound sleep.

sound sleep
We are presenting most effective techniques for better sleep at night which can make your day productive and energetic.

Top 10 Tips and ideas for Sound sleep naturally

  1. Fix a schedule: first thing just make a sleep schedule and follow it very strictly. Everyday go to bed at same time and wake up at the same time even at weekend too. Don’t make yourself lazy by saying this is Sunday, holiday and all. It will regulate your body’s clock and help you to fall asleep. If you will follow this regularly after sometime you will notice at the same time at night you will feel sleepy and drowsiness and at the same time in the morning no need of clock alarm. You can wake up without morning alarm as refreshed for full day.

  2. Follow relax Bedtime rituals follow some of the rituals just right before bedtime. Avoid bright lighting especially tube lights before going to bed. Bright light keeps you away from the sleep, keeps your excitement at top, also enhance stress thus your mind and body didn’t get relaxed to sleep. Use low volts light to cool and calm the environment to get sound sleep. Hot cup of turmeric milk enhance your better sleep proven from ancient time. If it works for you gently follow everyday for better sleep at night.

  3. Try to avoid power nap when you are trouble in night sleep then avoid napping in daytime if you are taking. Napping in mid afternoon also good for throughout the day but it can also disturb your night sleep cycle. So do not take nap in the daytime and adjust it into your good night sleep.

  4. Evaluate your bedroom Check with your room, to change your sleep pattern. If you are having sleep disorder than might be some changes needed in your rooms too for having a sound sleep. Temperatures affect your sleeping design too much hot or too much chilled room temperatures make disturbance in your sleep.18 degree temperature will be comfortable for proper sleep, but somehow adjust temperature as per your own comfort level. Room should be neat & clean, arranged. Blackout curtains needed to avoid unnecessary outside light getting entered into your room. So much humidity also affects your proper sleep. So in the morning and evening time it’s necessary to open doors and windows of your room for cross ventilation. This will maintain the room freshness for getting better sleep.

  5. Exercise daily exercising is also maintaining your healthy lifestyle. Moderate type of exercise can boost for better sleep at night. Does morning walk or trade mill is very necessary to keep you fit. After taking dinner does some slow walk will digest your food and will also make you sleepy. Enjoy walk at every night with your spouse, friends or neighbors also improve your sound sleep.

  6. Check your mattress and pillow Once your room is all set for better sleep than evaluate your mattress and pillow weather these are comfortable or not. If you are getting ache in back and neck then time to change your mattress and pillow. Buy good quality of mattress and pillow which play vital role for sound sleep. Attractive mattress and bed helps lots in better sleep.

  7. Far away with electronic gadgets at sleeping time if you use your laptop, mobile phone, tab or TV just before going to bed then avoid it. It makes all your senses awake and disturbs your sleep. You cannot sleep better at night if you are using these. At least hour before stop using all this, make yourself ready for bedtime. Have your dinner and roam around in your campus than come to your room without using mobile and laptop try to have sleep. Shut down your laptop and keep away your mobile to your bed. Harmful rays emitting from your mobile is not good for your better health and sleep too.

  8. Avoid heavy dinner & caffeine at night light dinner low in carbs and large plate of salads and veggie soup always recommended for dinner. Don’t take heavy and spicy food at night because it can improve your indigestion and you will not be comfortable to sleep better. If you are taking tea in evening then take before 4-5 hours of your bedtime. Caffeine intake can eliminate your sleep and make you awake for late night which can lead sleep disorder.

  9. Manage your circadian rhythm Circadian rhythm also called chronobiology found in most living things. Get exposure of sunlight in the morning and avoid at lat evening can boost your sleep pattern. It will help you out to have better sound sleep at night.

  10. Deal with stress and depression generally what happen when you go to bed and try to sleep, lots of stuff running in mind and making you disturb and worry. Whether it’s because of work,office,family and any other which make you stressed out. Than you can take your sleep properly because your mind working inside and it makes you disturb. When you will try to asleep, the things will move in , stop worrying about the things which is not important in your life more than you.focus on yourself, be healthy and fit by having better sleep at night so that you can start your morning fresh and energetic all day. Then, you can deal with all the stuff. So keep your focus on your sleep let it stress and anger go down. Have a sound sleep at night in better way for next refreshing early morning.

This article specially designed for sleep disorders, sleep apnea and sleeping problem. if you are also not getting enough sound sleep, avoid sleeping pills because it has numerous side effects too. Follow these simple natural tips and ideas for sound sleep & start a energized fresh morning and be fit all the day.

All the best 🙂

Keep sharing your views, if you find it suitable and discuss your ideas as well.

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