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Top 10 tips for weight loss fast & naturally

Weight loss

Top 10 tips for weight loss fast & naturally

1.Cut down your carbs and sugar intake usually we take three large meals along with two snacks n tea in whole day. But dinner should be small plates with salads instead of large meal. Go for some green vegetable and fruits, which is not in high amount of sugar contains like banana and sapota. Many times we cannot consume sugar directly but in packaged snacks n meal sugar & variety of fats are so high which is invisible to us ,so stay away to all these.

2.Boost yourself to do exercise start slowly then increase the minutes of workout, go for a gym, walk or jogging. Morning walk can relate you to fresh air, jogging is very good cardio exercise which can keep your body fit for whole day. If you are gym lover then such good news go & walk on treadmill, do cycling, aerobics, cross trainer for burn the extra calorie.

3.Daily activity do some daily activity at your home like house cleaning and gardening, it can be helping stuff to your spouse and you are burning your extra calorie too, double benefit. Remember every activities count. And you are burning very little calorie but at least your calorie burned that’s matter!

4.Stop Overeating it is very oblivious more you will eat more calorie you are collecting, can be harder to burn once collected much more, so stop this habits, stay away from the sugary, canned, packaged, and processed and junk food. Fill your snacks craving by eating some healthy add nuts, pistachio, almond, walnut, flax seeds and fennel seeds etc. these are rich in fiber & nutrition’s so will be very healthy n nutritional.

5.Stress management Stress can be one of the reasons of obesity, so if you are stressed out always due to your office work, so please left your stress in office and spend quality time with family. Enjoy with them, play some indoor games, sometimes cook for your family, go for a long drive. Take off from your office sometime and enjoy weekend gateway at your favorite resort, Refresh yourself with this. These are the invisible stress buster and will keep you fit surely.

6.Change few habits if you have work addiction then change this make a time table of wake up, working hours, meal timing and bed timing , it’s all should be at certain timing every day. and follow this very strictly to get your fitness and get rid of obesity.

7.Walk thoroughly Just makes sure that you walk as more often as you can. Like use stairs instead of elevators, in office premise have lunch at different floor so you can have few step also, arrange your meeting always at different floor so that you can walk this time also, and visit your colleague desk instead of emailing him, park your car far from elevators and burn your calorie to sliming. So, bring some few changes in your lifestyle can keep you fit as well healthy. Then why waiting start as much n soon you can.

8.Careful Grocery shopping Keep your eyes open on your grocery shopping, make your list and skip white & processed floor items, cut biscuit and pizza base also frozen stuff if you want your flat abs. Go with green fill your trolley to veggie, fruit and organic stuff. Wisely select your daily consumable oil in low saturated fat & Tran’s fat. Select some good quality oils like canola oil or extra virgin olive oil.

9.Sports Make your hobbies in sports. Sports are not only calorie burner. Very good cardio and stress buster too. Start playing table tennis for 30 minutes, or you can play badminton too at your home. Which will stretch your body will make more flexible and very effective remedy for weight loss.

10.Hyderation Keep your body hydrated whole day with water, have water 30 minutes before your every meal, you will feel fuller. at least 8 glasses of water in a day will help you to keep you slim down. Water works wonder, it boost your metabolism and improve digestion system. Then only you can get rid of obesity and can get flat tummy & attractive abs.

Just Follow simple weight loss tips and get flat tummy, if you liked it then please comments box is waiting for you, feel free to ask and give your feedback:

Stay slim   🙂

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