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Top 10 tips to control Diabetes – Effective ways to lower blood sugar level

Diabetes turn into widespread disease now a day’s dispersal worldwide fast. Millions of people are suffering high sugar level cause type1 diabetes and type2 diabetes. Generally diabetes causes are very common like Family history (especially parents), poor diet, lifestyle and lack of exercise. If you are also having high glucose level, then no need to worry rather just keep your diabetes in check. You can control Diabetes by the diet, exercise and lifestyle improvement. Just buy Diabetes kit and check your diabetes level at home by yourself, this is very useful step to lower sugar level. It’s very easy process to check your glucose level and convenient too. Make some changes in your lifestyle and keep sugar under control. Apart from it some home remedies are very effective to lower and control diabetes. You can do easily at home, there are lots of stuff surrounded yours are available to cure it also. Nature has provided us home remedies to control Diabetes only we need to pay attention. This article is specially written to control diabetes or lower sugar level naturally at home.

Top 10 tips to control Diabetes – Effective ways to lower blood sugar level

Control Diabetes

Sadabahar flowers to control diabetes Sadabahar flower found everywhere. You can grow it at your house in terrace garden. Start consuming Sadabahar flowers then you will notice that your diabetes is under control within 2 weeks.

  • Pluck 7 Sadabahar flowers and wash it gently.

  • Eat all the flowers in empty stomach for best results.

Control Diabetes
Basil & Neem Leaves to control diabetes
as it well known that basil (rich in Anti-Oxidant) & Neem leaves have medicinal properties. It can cure your diabetes if used initially, while it can control your diabetes level if consuming properly.

  • Take 5 basil leaves & 5 Neem leaves; wash the leaves to remove dirt’s.

  • Then empty stomach consumes it with water.

Note: instead of leaves you can use the juice of it also.

Control Diabetes

Bitter guard juice for diabetes control Bitter gourd is best home remedy for diabetes. It contains charantin which keep blood glucose low and control diabetes. One cup of Bitter guard juice can increase insulin level in body and control diabetes.

  • Take 2 bitter guards and apart their green covers by peeling.

  • Blend it and make one cup of juice, drink in empty stomach.

Bitter guards or karela is best for diabetic person. You must include it in your diet in any form as karela in vegetables & juices etc regularly. Now Dr. also prescribed karela supplement and powder to control diabetes. You can get it easily from any drugstore. Add Karela in any form in your diet and get lower your sugar level naturally.

Control Diabetes
Okra for diabetes control
Okra is also known as Lady’s finger as well. This vegetable has numerous kinds of nutrients and rich in fiber. Recent studies and research approved that okra can cure diabetes. Okra has Anti-Diabetic properties it has proven now. You can consume okra in any form to get the benefits. But to control diabetes follow below process.

  • Cut both side of okra and remove it, then cut from the mid.

  • Soak this okra pieces in 1 glass of water overnight.

  • In the morning remove okra from the water and drink this water in empty stomach.

Okra can amazingly stabilize blood sugar in persons with diabetes. That’s why okra called as super food for diabetic. So control your diabetes to consume okra. You can fry okra for the taste as well and take with your meal. So, start okra and keep your glucose level in check.

Control Diabetes
Kundru to control Diabetes
Recent clinic researches revealed finally affect of Kundru in diabetic person. The person with diabetes who has taken Kundru in vegetable form or raw has reduced their nos. by 28% in 4 weeks. Kundru is basically Indian vegetable but also founded in south Asia Island and West Indies.

  • Take 1 raw Kundru wash and eat directly in the morning and evening. It tastes bit tangy and sour if ripen.

50 gm. Intake of daily Kundru in diet can cure diabetes, who has mild blood sugar and control both type1 and type2 diabetes by 18% by consuming daily.

Control Diabetes
Jamun to Control Diabetes
Jamun also known as Jambul, Jambas, Kala Jamun, naval, rajaman, Java Plum, black plum and black berries too. It is an essential summer fruit which has to consume every people. This is one of the best fruits ever for diabetic to control blood sugar. Seeds and barks powder of Jamun also treat diabetes that is easily available in drugstores. Jamun has Anti- diabetic elements which convert starch into the energy in body and control your diabetes. It has also low glycemic index so every diabetic should consume Jamun regularly in summers. It contains Jamboline, which is a kind of glucose stop conversion starch into sugars in the bodies and control Diabetes. Intake of Jamun in diabetic also eliminates the frequent urination and thirsting problems that are the symptoms of high level glucose.

  • Buy fresh Jamun from the market and wash properly to maintain the hygiene and enjoy full bowl at least and control your sugar level.

Control Diabetes
Have carbohydrates early morning to control Diabetes
  you have probably heard about the remedies through Anti-diabetic stuff. But it is true your early morning intake of Carbohydrate can reduce your Glucose level significantly and make natural insulin in body that automatically controls diabetes. Breakfast should be a larger in each three meal size.15 -30 grams of Carbohydrate you must include with 8-10 grams of fiber to fill you up without raising your glucose level.

  • Take oats, Dalia, brown bread or Parantha in your breakfast and control diabetes naturally.

Breakfast is very essential part of the meal, so you should better avoid breakfast mistakes as Skipping breakfast, hunger for long, taking brunch, fruits and only juices in breakfast; to cure and control diabetes take full plate rich in carbohydrate, protein and fiber too and control your diabetes in check by correcting diet.

Control Diabetes
Fenugreek to control Diabetes you can get it as in leaves and dry seed. Mostly founds in south Asia and North America. Fenugreek seeds are rich in soluble fiber. That slows down digestion and absorption of carbohydrate to control Diabetes. Many researches shows and clinical trial proven that fenugreek can treat both type of diabetes type1 and type2 to lower glucose level.

  • Soak 2 table spoon of fenugreek in water overnight.

  • In the morning separate the water from it and drink this water in empty stomach.

  • You can also make dried fenugreek powder from the seeds

  • Then consume 1 table spoon every day with milk at night.

Maintain your sugar level by using fenugreek; add into your diet in any form as fenugreek leaves in lentils, curry and seeds as spices to boost the health benefit of fenugreek for diabetes.

Control Diabetes
Walk to control diabetes
Walking is best fitness regime ever known to control Diabetes. Walk recommended by Health practioners to control type1 diabetes and prevent high blood sugar. It is most effective remedies to control diabetes and you can do it anywhere your walk.

  • Start, Morning walk at least for 30 minutes to an hour.

  • Slowly raise your speed and steps.

  • Reach to your steps goal week by week.

  • For, count of steps and km. use pedometer.

When you walk your calorie and extra fat burn and improve glucose level as well. You can walk early in the morning and after dinner at night can step ahead also. This will also aid in weight loss, which will control diabetes. If you are a beginner then start with few meters and then reap to Km.

Control Diabetes
Exercises to control diabetes doing exercise are also a fitness regime you must follow to keep yourself healthy and fit. Exercises help muscles to absorb blood sugar well to control diabetes. When you do exercise insulin sensitivity get up, and cell utilize these insulin in better way. At least, 150 minutes of exercise in a week are recommended to controlling diabetes. Muscle movements increase the glucose uptake and control diabetes. For, best result you should opt the right kind of workout and exercise given below to control diabetes.

  • Fast paced walk

  • Jogging in early morning

  • Swimming or any water aerobics

  • Cycling for 30 minutes

  • Bike riding

  • Playing Badminton or table tennis

You can go with your convenient, and do exercise or workout from each of them for 30 minutes a day and keeps your blood glucose level in check for sure. But, you need to be regular with the activities to prevent diabetes and control typ1 and type2 diabetes.

Aforementioned, these simple 10 tips can control diabetes. If you crave to lower your sugar level then nothing can be better and effective than these. If you are taking any medication to control sugar level then discuss to your health practioners for this also.

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