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Top 10 health benefits and uses of Amla or Indian Gooseberry – Amla as home remedy

When we talk about Indian gooseberry health benefits also known as “Amla” and in Hindi it’s called “amlakai”. Now a day’s Amla is available and can be consume in various form such as raw amla, amla powder, amla juice and  murabba or candy. In any form if we consume it then it’s a magical and wonderful gift of nature. Such a wonderful gift as amla we have to add this in our daily regimen in any form, from the ancient time it has its own value.


Indian gooseberry “Amla” extensively used in Ayurveda.To get rid of diseases and it works very effectively. it tastes tangy if eaten raw. it contains 80% of water. it also rich in Vitamin C, fiber, minerals, Vitamins and Gallic acid too. Vitamin C flushes out toxin from our body to keep body fit & healthy. The most important Vitamin C we can get from amla because 100gm.amla contains approx 450mg Vitamin C. Now you can be amazed to know the overall and various health benefits of Amla.

Top 10 Health benefits and uses of Amla:

Rich in Vitamin C Amla contains Vitamin C more than Orange and other citrus fruits. As we know calcium is very essential for our Bones, teeth and nails. For better calcium absorption we need Vitamin C, which can we get only by consuming amla.

Flushes out Toxin Amla helps to proper function of liver and bladder, every morning take 10-15 ml of amla juice in a cup of water can flushes out toxins from body.

High in Anti-oxidants Amla has excellent Anti-oxidants, Which can fight of free radicals in your body. After consuming everyday , it prevents from various diseases.

Improve Metabolism if you want to improve your metabolism then it can be very helpful for you .protein rich foods increase your metabolism and if you want to lose your weight faster than improve your metabolism faster after consuming Amla every day.

Regulates Acidity and digestion Amla regulates acid level in stomach. It reliefs in heartburn too. For chronic constipation you can take 1 tablespoon of amla power in warm water before going to bed. regular consumption can get rid of constipation too. It improves overall digestive function too.

Improve eyesight it is very beneficial stuff to improve eyesight and it prevents any kind of eyes disorder. Presence of Vitamin C in amla is very huge approx. similar to 10 oranges, It is very excellent Anti-oxidant which protect eyes to any kind of retina oxidation.

Anti- Diabetic it is rich in fibre and low in sugar. which really needed for diabetes cure. amla regulates glucose level of blood in your body. If Blood sugar reduce in your body then glucose would be used by cells of body for proper functioning. then your metabolism will be higher and you will feel more energetic and fit. It inhibits production of blood sugar in your body. For Diabetic amla recommended taking with turmeric for better outcomes.

Anti-Aging regular consumption of Amla in any for either raw, powder or juices will keep you younger and energetic all time. Amla reduces the free radicals from the body which can cause in skin like wrinkles and age spots. Amla is effective remedies to cure many diseases. It keeps you youthful not only externally but as same also from internally.

Weight loss Health conscious people should have amla every day to boost metabolism and to maintain a healthy weight. If you are seeking flat tummy or a slim trim body then it can be your best friend ever. Start having amla and get the significant differences in your weight loss.

Great for Skin & Hair now at last but not least you will be glad to hear that amla is miracle food item as you ever had for skin and hair. As you all been heard from so long that Amla promotes hair growth, prevents hair graying, reduce hair falling and natural remedy for dandruff also. Amla powder in henna mixture maintains the texture, volume and strength of your lustrous hairs. Make a habit to take amla juice in empty stomach, to see the significant changes in your skin. Skin can get back its glow and remove patches, wrinkle and many more. it does tighten the pores reduce acne and pigmentation of your skin and it would be supple and smooth with natural glow.

So, Indian gooseberry has lots of health benefits including beauty and fitness, thus Start your day with the healthy amla a day either in powder, raw or juice as per your convenient to keep you energetic thorough out the day. If you are having any kind of allergy to it than before taking once try to consult your health practitioner.

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