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Top 10 health benefits and uses of Aloe Vera

Aloe-Vera is a leafy plant; it looks always good in your favorite plant pot. It has numerous kind of goodness as vitamin, minerals, folic acid, amino acid, fatty acid and active enzymes. These nutrients are just best for the health & founded in aloe-Vera makes it just perfect herb. So that you can use it in various way to maintain your health.

Aloe Vera

In this era when people become more conscious towards their health regimen, are just crazy for aloe-Vera not only for health, aloe-Vera is also effective remedy for skin care. It is anti-inflammatory and detoxification contains, apart from that cures health illness, regulates blood sugar, improve bowel movement and many more.

 Top 10 health benefits and uses of Aloe Vera:


Detoxifying early morning take 10 ml of aloe-Vera juice into ½ cup of water will detoxify your body for better results consume in empty stomach. It flushes out toxins and wastes from our body through colon. Because aloe Vera consists amino acids and vitamin and miners too that make it a natural cleanser. So start your day with it. It reduces inflammation, irritation and heat from the body and keep it soothes and cool.

Boost the Immune system Aloe Vera contains lots of immune boosting polysaccharides, which boost immune system properly to keep your body fit. Raise of inflammatory can cause some diseases like eczema & asthma etc. aloe Vera is known as anti inflammatory ,thus it slow down the process of inflammation in body and prevent it by its own soothing agents.

Cure Acid reflux Aloe Vera is soothing & cooling properties, so you can get relaxation in heartburn by consuming aloe Vera juice every morning , can take twice too as per advised. Aloe Vera stabilizes alkaline level of body thus soothing the stomach wall.

Arthritis treatment Arthritis is a chronic diseases affect to whole body,due to inflammation and stiffness it can be very painful .to cure the pain always you need to take the pain killer and other medication which impact worst in future.There is a fluid collected in joints of body ,which is very most terrible.As aloe Vera is Anti inflammatory properties that can reduce inflammation from the joints naturally.Aloe Vera contains plant sterols for Anti inflammation that relief the pain and stiffness of joint.

Weight loss whereas taking Aloe Vera juice you are detoxifying your body as well as improving overall digesting tract. It fastens your metabolism and regulates your immune system than you can burn your extra fat or calorie. Thus ultimately you will lead to a healthy weight, which will keep you energetic throughout the day.

Oral health Many toothpaste and mouthwash also contains Aloe-Vera extracts. if you are suffering any kind of gum problem or toothache than apply fresh aloe Vera gel on it , leave it for few minutes . Aloe Vera is anti inflammatory so it reduces the pain and gum swelling. Oral health is very important for entire health. If any type of infection is there than aloe Vera also fight with the bacteria and infection.

Boost vitamins & minerals intake As you know aloe Vera is powerhouse of Vitamin A, E, C, B1, B2, B3, B6 and B 12 & folic acid. And in minerals Potassium, zinc magnesium, and iron etc. more importantly it replenishes amino acid too. Aloe Vera has observable fact, which cannot be denied at all

Hair growth Aloe Vera has huge amount of enzymes, which reduce the clogs of scalp which can promote split ends and dull hair. Consistency of Alkaline property in aloe Vera helps to nourish hairs to maintain pH balance of scalp and hairs and keep it moisturized in all way.

Skin care Aloe Vera has plentiful skin and beauty benefits. You can easily get it by either having Aloe Vera juices every day or apply fresh pulp over skin for 10 min. then wash and get flawless beauty. It’s natural and very economical available in your terrace garden. Aloe Vera be full of plethora, rich in Vitamin C, E, as all are accountable for natural glowing skin. Regular applying of Aloe-Vera makes your Skin supple, smooth, enhances the elasticity and reduces the scars, acne and pigmentation. It lighten and brighten the skin naturally .keeping hydrated your skin will make your look appealing and youthful.

You also need to know about aloe-Vera that it is a medicinal properties plant so if you are using direct aloe Vera pulp from the plant then please discuss with your health practitioner about the doses, because excess taking of aloe Vera can cause of anemia.

Stay Healthy and beautiful  🙂 Don’t forget to share your thoughts, comment box are waiting for your precious word.

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