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Top 10 Daily Health & fitness tips to improve your lifestyle

“Health is Wealth” very well known quote, but you know in today’s in hectic life everyone ignore it, “prevention is always better than cure” … but how many people follow, don’t know why not; really now need to think, if you are doing a hectic job for better growth, wealth & prosperity. It’s all depends how effectively you can work; you perform in your respective.

If you will maintain your health & fitness first then you will be more efficient to work harder, to perform harder & if efficiency will increase than productivity will increase in auto mode. Once your productivity gets increase, no one can stop you to achieve the goal.   {Lifestyle tips}

Health & Fitness

Top 10 Daily health & fitness tips to improve your lifestyle

  1. Start from Early Morning wake up with Sunrise, start your day happily to say yourself today is your day, jump out from bed with morning alarm, don’t snooze.

  2. Drink at least 2 glass of water, after wake up

  3.  Every day do 30 minutes Walk/jog or Yoga as per your comfort.

  4.  Have whole grain breakfast with milk or juices.

  5. Drink water at least 8 glasses of water a day to keep hydrated, water will keep you fit and energetic.

  6. After having lunch in office have some walk, because if you take heavy lunch then will sit on your chair for long your digestion will slow down and would be result in a fat. {Weight loss fast}

  7. If you work on desktop/laptop then, While your work rest your eyes for a while or wash your eyes with cold water. {Work and family life}

  8. Take stairs instead of elevator, climbing stairs is best cardio exercise too.

  9. Have your dinner before 8 p.m, best to take light carobs in dinner; veggie, veggie soup and salad would be adequate.

  10. Add brisk walk for 15 minutes in night to improve sound sleep.

So, ultimately health is wealth n fitness is sharpness. Be rich by improving your health & get sharpness because of fitness.

Stay Fit 🙂

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