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How to promote hair growth Fast – Top 5 tips for long hair !

Long hair is a big dream for every girl. If we talk about trends and fashion then long hairs are always in trends in any country. Beauty of long hair cannot be described in words it’s like a crowned in your personality. Hairs are the ornaments for girls, it really means it. Every girl not born with long hair but with the help of this article you can really promote hair growth faster.

Top 5 tips for long hair

Hair washes for long hair
long hair

Properly wash your hair at least twice in a week if you have dry hairs. If you have oily hairs then thrice would be recommended.try to use herbal or organic product. Wash your hairs with Amla, shikakai and reetha contains shampoo to promote hair growth. These herbs magically repair hairs and promote hair growth.

Hair trimming for long hair

long hair


Say yes to hair trimming in every 2 month. Hair trimming can remove your damage hair and split ends and hair will grow longer fast. If your hair stylist ask for chemical treatment and blow dry then refuse for that, stay away with these dryer and ironing because it can your damage hairs. Just trim your hair only 1 inch and get faster growth of hairs.

Hair massage for long hair
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Massage your hair with coconut oil every alternate day. Give a gentle massage to your scalp by finger tips. It will improve the blood circulation and will strong the root then you will get long hair. Never wash your dry hair, always do oil massage to your hairs before wash. You can use mustard oil, olive oil, castor oil, jojoba oil and sesame oil too for massage. Lukewarm warm oil massage also promotes hair growth to make it long.

Eat a healthy diet for long hair
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You have to also take care of your diet if you want long hair, your plates should be full with proper vitamin A, B, C, E, Iron, Zinc, copper and magnesium essential minerals and calcium. Vitamin B group is very much essential part for getting long lots of green vegetable like spinach, okra, beans, broccoli and also dairy product milk, curd, paneer and cheese. If you are non vegetarian then fish and egg promotes hair growth. Omega 3 is also necessary for hair growth than if desiring long hair than yes to fish, Flaxseeds, walnut and olive oil must include in your diet chart to get long hair.

Proper sleep for long hair
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Sometime what happen everything etiquette you are following but did not get long hair. No one think about lifestyle and your proper sleep can also slow down your hair growth. So it’s time to think for this also, it’s very much important to take at least 8 hours of proper sleep at night to repair cells. Change your pillow cover every alternate day and if possible for better hair growth use satin pillow cover which maintain your hair texture and prevent breakage, which will boost your long hair.

These quick tips can be very useful for promote long hair. Every little step counts so apart from hair pack and hair mask lots of stuff should be taken care if you really wanted a long and healthy hair.

Just take a try of these tips for long hair and discuss with us your ideas as well in comment box.

Have a long & healthy hair 🙂 

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