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How to Stop Hair fall naturally-10 tips to stop hair fall!

Hair fall turn out to be a severe concern, because hairs are the main factor to reflect your personality. If you are also suffering with hair fall then take it seriously and do the effective remedies for it. Once you get hair loss, baldness can be occurs. It’s very much essential to treat your hair fall at home naturally before becoming it much severe. Millions of persons both man and woman both are affected to hair loss at any stage of life. When it would not be treated at right time then you can suffer scalp baldness which is very embarrassing in early age. Famous Hair expert told that up to 100 hairs fallen can taken as normal but if nos. are growing then now need to wake up and prevent Hair loss.

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Firstly need to know behind the cause of hair fall!

It can be some medication, illness, hormonal changes, pregnancy, stress, weather changes, place changes and few shampoo and oil which you tried recently. Chemically treated hairs can also result in hair fall, hence straightening, rebounding and perming also can be one of the vast reasons of hair fall. If you are frequent user of blow dry and curling iron then need to stop right now. These hair stylers can harm your hair much, so in moderate way you can use it.

Here, you will get effective 10 tips to stop hair fall naturally!

Identify your hair oil To stop hair fall you need to stick with same hair oil, which suits to your hairs. If you are using Coconut oil for massaging then regular do with this only. No need to change your hair oil as frequently. Best ever hair massage oil is coconut oil, olive oil or Castor oil. Make sure you are massaging your hair twice/thrice in a week for sure. You can take hot oil massage too for promote hair growth and to stop hair fall.

Mark your shampoo just makes sure for your shampoo, just stop for few day and notice the difference. Might be possible the shampoo you are using in regular way that not suited to your hair and results in hairfall. Because every hairs are different, if someone is getting highly benefitted with specific shampoo and you can get hair fall with that then it’s very obvious. Then check with your shampoo what suit to your hairs then select the brand.try to always select some organic and herbal which contains Amla, Shikakai, Bhringraj and hibiscus etc. that is supportive contains to stop hair fall.

Attempt Hair mask Once in a week you need to attempt a homemade hair mask as per your type. Egg whites are great for dry and frizzy hairs while egg yolks are highly recommended foe oily hairs. Curry powder mask can surprisingly stop your hair fall and hairs will be healthy and bouncy too. Sometimes hair fall comes with dandruff then mix camphor with coconut oil and massage with it in all over hairs. Let it overnight and in the morning shampoo your hair. Dandruff will sure go and hair fall would be prevented too.

Avoid hair dryer as much Hair dryers burn your hairs, can you realize ever. For few hours of style you opt it regularly. Through heat, dryers dry your hairs and blow dry too. Avoid using dryers as much as you can. Take your time and let your dry naturally. Lots of natural conditioner is available through which you can style your hair properly like mayonnaise, egg, curd and beer. Much uses’ of hair dryer can result severe hair loss, split ends and damaged hairs. So stop your loss by saying just bye to hair dryers and dry hairs naturally to get growth in hairs.

Stop pulling your hairs tightly Some of the hairstyle need tightly pulling your hair section. When you pull your hair tightly then roots of hair become week and when you take out pin or accessories’ from hairs it comes with few hairs which make your hair roots are week. Like some tight ponytails, braids, twists and many more hair style you are using on daily basis then prevent it. It can promote hair fall. So avoid tight pulling pins and elastic rubber band too in your hairs which leads hair fall. It’s a preventive action to stop hair fall, be gentle with your hairs.

Use a good quality hairbrush Always brush your hairs with branded and good quality of hair wash and just make sure you clean up hair brush regularly. Just go for soft hair brush made with nature fiber. Gently brush your hairs from the bottom out to stop and prevent hair fall.dnt comb and brush your hairs when hair are wet, it can result in major hair fall.

Essential nutrient in your diet nutrition’s are somehow very essential to make a person healthy. A healthy person can have healthy hairs comparison to unhealthy persons. so check with your diet and revise it with all nutrients you are getting enough to make your scalp and hairs healthy .by making only scalp and hairs healthy one can stop hair fall very quickly. Some of the Vitamin, minerals, protein, iron and omega 3 are very helpful to stop hairfall and promote hair growth. When you are suffering from hair then consume as much green vegetables and fruits for essential vitamin and minerals. Eggs, meat and fishes also promote hair growth, because they are rich in protein and which is rich in Biotin also stop hair fall, it founds in wholegrain, eggs, walnut and soya flour. Etc, then consumes it to promote hair growth.

Fluids intake People always forget their fluids intake .they run behind the oil, medications and treatment. But internally your fluids intake can balance your body to flush out toxins. This makes your body healthy and results in healthy scalp to fight with dandruff and hair fall. Then don’t forget to drink at least 8-10 glasses of water to stop hair fall and promote hair growth. Water really works wonder to treat hair loss. You can also add buttermilk, lassi and juices too in your fluids intake to boost the hair care.

Lifestyle Changes sometimes due to hectic lifestyle, you try to avoid your hair care. When you get stressed out due to work and others, you just avoid hair care and when you realize, hair fall started badly. Sometimes stress and depressions are the root cause of hair fall. Deal with your stress naturally, go for a walk, swim, jogging. Either you can join yoga classes or do meditation and deal with stress level. Talk with your friends, share with your spouse and play table tennis or badminton on weekends. That will eliminate your stress for sure, these work out are really stress busters. Lower your stress level can stop hair fall and prevent hair loss for in no doubt.

See to Dermatologist Above all are given, the root cause of hair fall. With the eliminating all cause of hair fall you can reduce it naturally. But, if you are not getting significant effect then go for an appointment and take some medication. Dermatologist will prescribe you some supplement and medication, to stop your hair fall.

Hence, let’s have a try these tips to stop your hair fall and make your personality crowned with beautiful hairs 🙂

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