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Homemade hair mask for long and thick hair

Hair is the beauty of our personality. But nowadays every person is facing hair related issues like hair fall,dry hair,breakage and the market hair care products are easily available in mass. But the selection of perfect one which can suit your hair is not guaranteed. If it is the no one should face any hair problem. Because companies are producing their hair cre products to sell and they are making profits only but the problem of hair care is there only. Switching to one from another is not a solution friends.

One and only solution is Go green means believing on our nature. nature has given us every solution trust me thats why in ancient times people using that herbs on hair to make their hair long and thick.

Here we are sharing the homemade hair mask for long and thick just give it a try and be regular definitely hair fall will stop and hair length also will increase. After 1 months you can notice visible change in your if you want shiny, long and thick hair then follow it.this is complete home remedies to stop hair fall and boost hair growth.

Step by step guide through pictures of making hair mask.

Take 1 tbsp rice and 1 tsp methi seeds in a bowl.
Soak for at least 4 hours in a bowl.
Chop 1 small size onion and mix soaked methi,rice and onion in iron pan/utensil.pour 200 ml water into that and boil it on medium heat.
After few times it will boil like this.let it boil till the liquid remain 1/4 of the water.
Afte boiling strain it the prepared liquid with the help of strainer. You can little mash the rice and methi with the help of spoon.
Finally prepared hair mask. Let it cool down.
After  cool down fill this liquid mask in a spray bottle. And use thrice in a week for best result.

Onion juice for hair growth/ natural home remedies to stop hair fall/ it ca work wonder on hair . Do you want to know how? Read below step by step guide through pictures. You can make your own hair mask very easily.
It will stop your hair fall and will promote the hair growth by making the roots strong.

Benefits of Onion :
It can soothe your dry and itchy scalp.
Onion stop hair fall and boost hair growth.
It will completely clear the dandruff.
It inhibits hair thinning
I nourishes dry and brittle hair.
It fights scalp infection.
It can slow down hair greying.

onion juice on your scalp is amazing way to boost an antioxidant called icrease in hair growth.

The major content is sulphur in onion helps to nourish your hair and stimulate dormant hair follicles to stop hair fall and boost hair growth.

Benefits of rice
Many celebrities already declared that rice is the magical ingredient that results in long and thick hair with extra shine.and if you are really looking for the remedies for the lon thick and shiny har go with this. It will work wonder on every type of hairs.

it is rich in starches that can coat the root of the hair to add strength and moisture as well as provide hydration to the scalp.
One of the important content found in rice water is inositol. In study it has mentioned that it works really wonder for hairs.from the ancient times people using rice water and paste to give hydration and shinning to hairs.

Benefits of methi
Methi seeds are rich in vitamin A, K, C and folic acid, which help to control hair fall and make roots stronger. The seeds are also loaded with protein which boost hair growth.

Make this hair mask at home and please let us know about your experience in below comment box.

We we'd love to hear from you.for any query and suggestions pls message on comments box you will definitely get your answer.

Love you all 😊

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