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Hair Care at home – 5 Quick & Easy tips for hair care at home

Hair Care are most important part of our daily regimen, to look presentable every time it’s very important to take care of your hairs. So let’s give a try these simple tips for hair care by Beauty Expert and get healthy, lustrous and bouncy hairs and boost growth.


5 Quick & easy tips for hair care at home

Hair Care


1. Hair wash – it’s very important to wash your hair properly for hair care. Select your shampoo based on your hair type for healthy & lustrous hairs. In summer you can wash every alternate day and winter at least twice a week to remove dirt, sweat and grease so that you can have fresh & clean hair. But don’t overdo it can result in freaky, dry and split ends in your hair also.

2.Hair Oil – oiling your hair which suited as castor oil, olive oil, or coconut oil etc. castor oil is best for dry hair if it is mix with coconut oil. Olive oil also works wonder because it is just rich in Vitamin E and anti- oxidant too, which is important for hair growth and shine. And about coconut oil which is Anti- bacterial and anti-fungal properties, makes your hair healthy, bouncy & shiny.thus, hair oiling play major role in hair care.

3.Dandruff- Prevent your hair to dandruff, it can damage your hair by root. So get rid of dandruff by using hot coconut oil massage over scalp including lining in hairs, let it be as overnight in the morning squeeze 2 tablespoon of lemon juice apply on your hair after 30 minutes wash your hair with lukewarm water. Do this simple remedy once in a week to get rid of dandruff and proper hair care.

4.Hair fall – most of the person men/women both are affected to hair fall, there are lots of reason behind it like stress, hormonal imbalance, thyroid problem, medication, improper diet, Vitamin E & B6 deficiency and dehydration etc. volumize your hair with proper diet, 8 hours sleep, regular oil massage, Add some nuts like almond walnut and flax-seeds for fatty acid in your diet for hair care. Take some Vitamin B complex 100 mg as advised* for healthy hairs. it contains Biotin and Vitamin B6 will increase blood circulation in scalp will results in healthy hair. {Healthy lifestyle tips}

5.Hair graying – Graying of hair can prevent by some of the natural way, Have some Amla juice in the morning in empty stomach. Also a handful amla soak in iron utensil with water, early morning mash amla in water, strain this mixture and apply the amla water over your hair. Gooseberry works wonder and proven itself.thus, hair care at home can not be done without Indian gooseberry (Amla). click here to know {Amla health benefits}


Take care of your hair with theses simple & quick tips but also opt a balance lifestyle, nutritional diet, and 8 hrs. Sleep and at least drink 2 ltr. of water every day to keep you hydrated. Add some omegas and vitamin B & E supplement* too for healthy and appealing hairs. you can also try  {Fair & glowing skin}

Have a healthy hair   🙂

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