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8 Puff Hairstyle with Cute Pictures you must try!

Puff hairstyle is one of the most popular and modern hairstyle. It’s very common among teenager, youngster and woman too. You can spot Bollywood celebrity along with Hollywood celebrity wearing this style. This takes only 2-5 minutes to create the puff and you look elegant and stylist too in one goes. Hence, Puff hairstyle is very frequent in every age of woman and regular woman. Puff hairstyle perfectly goes with Braids and ponytail hairdo to create a fab hairstyle.

Here you will get 8 easy and quick puff hairstyle can be done in minutes before stepping out !

Puff Hairstyle

Above puff hairdo has done in medium sized straight hairs.

  • Separate the hair part which you want to make a puff from front by hairbrush.

  • Style the puff by puff bun,seal the puff with bobby pins.

  • Blow dry the free hairs which will hang to shoulders.

  • Set your hairs with hairspray to stay chic.

Puff Hairstyle

Kareena kapoor hairdo with high puff hairstyle along with wavy hairs.

  • Straighten your complete hair with ironing.

  • Apply serum before straightening.then separate your front hairs and make a high puff.

  • lock with bobby pins,apply generous amount of hairspray into puff to stay chic.

  • Remaining hairs needed curling iron to make end of the hairs light wavy.

You are Done with Kareena's hair puff!

Puff HairstyleFor this puff hair style you need a large hair bun.

  • Separate the large portion from front to mid to make puff and insert the bun into them carefully.

  • Then lock with multiple bobby pins.

  • Style your front cut with hairbrush from forehead.

  • spray your hairs to stay with it.done you remaining hairs in wavy style by curling iron.

Your wavy puff hairstyle are done !

Puff Hairstyle

Enjoy this Simple puff hairdo for your work or college.medium sized hair with front hair cut can be look stunning with this.

  • Separate your hair for puff apart from both side hair cut.

  • make a small puff in the mid of head.

  • secure it with bobby can use light hairspray to lock it.

  • blow dry your remaining open hairs to stay stunning.

Puff Hairstyle

Puff hairdo with straighten hair,easily spotted on TV and celebrity parties.

  • Straight your hairs first and get colored.

  • Part the portion of your hair from fronts along with all baby hairs with the help of spray.

  • Make a medium height puff & place the puff in the mid of head.

  • Secure with multiple bobby pins.

  • Enduring hairs need to be straight by straightening.

Now Done your Celeb.look !

Puff Hairstyle

Double puff hairdo with one side hair style! Pro style need to make two puff up to the mid of head.

  • Part your hairs from front and divide into two part let the last part clutch.

  • Make puff with the first part. This time front puff need to place in the side of head to secure with pins.

  • Now, place the bun in mid and cover with mid & both side hairs in upward direction.

  • Seal with booby pins well and lock the puff with spray.

  • Gently comb your remaining hairs and shift in one side as well.

Chic look with puff is ready to step ahead.

Puff Hairstyle

This High puff gone rock you in the event.

  • To make this style you need to take a high hair bun.

  • Separate the section of front hairs to make high puff hairdo.

  • Put the bun into the mid of head and cover the bun with hairs.

  • Lock this with bobby pins and make steady.

  • Keep both side hair parts to bow with cheeks.

  • Take the remaining hairs up for high end pony and make pony with band.

Have Done! This awesome style would be in the center of attraction.

Puff Hairstyle

This puff style is little messy and look very natural.

  • Take all the hair from the fronts only left few both side hairs for bow.

  • Make a small puff in well manner without bun.

  • Place it the mid of head without appearing divisions.

  • Height of bun should be little low.

  • Secure the puff with pins all around the fringe with expertise.

  • Then keep the open rest hairs to look natural messy and chic.

It’s a one of the favorite puff style of our bollywood celebrity.

Hope this puff hairstyle you liked. Very few are the celebrity hairdo that can be done at home by you and without help of hair experts and in salon. Puff hairstyle is one of them hairdo that can easily be done by yourself in minutes too. The best thing about it that. it is less time consuming, so you can style your hair whether you are stepping out for office, shopping or parties. You can combine hair puff with braids and twists too as per juncture to glance chic.

Let's have a try for puff hairstyle DIY and share your opinion in comments box below.

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