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10 ways to get rid of Dandruff Naturally at home

Dandruff in hairs is a white flaky kind of dead cell layers, which lay into scalp. When dandruff increases lots your all hair portions can be affected and very soon on your collar and necks, it can be spread too. It’s so embarrassing same time. Dandruff makes scalp dry and comes with the problem of itching. It can be triggered by either overdo of shampoo & washing or less washing means dirt can also cause of dandruff. Once dandruff became a serious problem; apply some natural home remedy to get rid of it, because no any chemical based shampoo or dandruff solution are available which can completely remove this problem.

10 ways to get rid of Dandruff naturally

Get rid of Dandruff

Hair wash
dandruff can cause either by overdoing wash your hair or less wash then pay attention on your hair wash that is must.dnt shampoo your hair as everyday when you take bath , do it every alternate day. More wash can lose your natural oil and moisture from your hairs and leave it dry so it can cause in dry scalp and dandruff can grow. Less wash your hair may be once in week can results in dirt’s can be collected on scalp that can also cause for dandruff.

Get rid of Dandruff
Anti-dandruff shampoo when you are suffering from dandruff than try to use Anti-dandruff shampoo. This contain should be camphor, neem or tea tree oil etc which is dandruff fighting stuff. After having shampoo on your hairs rinse very well during shower to remove every count of shampoo from hair. During shower if shampoo will be not removed properly then it can gather in scalp this can also cause of dandruff, so get rid of dandruff removal of shampoo is very necessary. Later gently wrap in a bath towel, don’t dry it rigorously.

Get rid of Dandruff

Coconut oil and camphor mix camphor in coconut oil, and massage gently by this oil to get rid of dandruff. Before shampoo oil your hairs well from scalp to end of hairs with this mix and let it for 1 hour then shampoo your hair. You can apply twice or thrice it on your hair in a week.

Get rid of Dandruff
Lemon juice
lemon also has magical benefits for dandruff free hairs.

  • Squeeze lemon juice in a small bowl.

  • Apply it onto your scalp then hair lines too by using finger tips.

  • Specially massage in scalp well.

  • Let it dry for 30 minutes then wash your hair.

For significant results just do for at least 4 weeks then slowly your dandruff will be removed. Generally you can also some time use lemon juice to prevent dandruff.

Get rid of Dandruff
Very well known yogurt has all the essential vitamin and properties which is best ever hair tonic. To get rid of dandruff you can also apply yogurt in your hairs.

  • Take half bowl of yogurt.

  • Divide your hairs in portions.

  • Then apply yogurt in each portions well.

  • Approximately cover your complete hairs with yogurt.

  • Wear a plastic/shower cap because it can spread here and there.

  • Put it for 1 hour then must shampoo your hairs.

Yogurt makes your hair strong, healthy, shiny and free of dandruff.

Get rid of Dandruff
Aloe Vera gel
Aloe Vera has anti bacterial and anti – inflammatory properties. Due to dandruff you will suffer scalp dryness and itching too. Aloe Vera not only remove your dandruff while also relief in itching and skin irritation too.

  • Take fresh Aloe Vera pulp from your garden,

  • Apply on all over scalp and hairs portion equally.

  • Leave it for 30 minutes, then rinse off.

Aloe Vera has soothing properties as well; it will keep your hairs shiny, glossy with dandruff free. You can ever forget scalp irritation and dryness forever with Aloe Vera.

Get rid of Dandruff
Neem leaves
Neem leave contains anti-bacterial and Anti-fungal. Try to use fresh neem leaves, if not getting fresh neem leaves then you can also use neem powder or neem capsules available in market as well.

  • Take fresh neem leaves, and then rinse the leaves.

  • Boil 1 liter. RO water with fresh neem leaves.

  • Once boiled, let it cool then wash your hair with this water.

  • Neem powder can be mixed with water and make a paste and apply over hair then rinse.

Neem works wonder on dandruff. It cures dandruff completely. You can repeat it twice in a week for best result. When you wash your hairs with neem water, Hairs will be fungal free and healthy.

Get rid of Dandruff
Fenugreek seeds
You can get fenugreek (Methi) in your kitchen. Fenugreek has some medicinal effects. It cures dandruff and hair thing too. To prevent dandruff you can use fenugreek in your hair regime to make your hair healthy and dandruff free.

  • Soak fenugreek seeds in water overnight

  • Early morning blend it properly.

  • Apply this paste onto your hairs.

  • Rinse off well with cold water then shampoo your hairs.

You can also use fenugreek powder in coconut oil to nourish your hair and get rid of dandruff.

Get rid of DandruffGram flour and yogurt proper cleaning you do with shampoo as per your comfort. Once in a week use gram flour (Besan) to cleanse your hairs and scalp. It will remove excess oil, pollution and dirt’s from your scalp. Proper cleaning your scalp can results in healthy scalp then no cause of dandruff.

  • Mix 4 table spoon of gram flour and yogurt well.

  • Apply this mask onto your hairs, let it for 30 minutes.

  • Wear a shower cap to prevent spreading over necks.

  • Wash it off and give shampoo to your hairs for best texture.

Gram flour is best for oily hairs. You can also use it for removing of excess oiling or if your scalp is sweating a lots then gram flour remove excess oils without harming natural moisture and make your hairs dry and healthy. You can get surprisingly benefits by using gram flour and yogurt mix for dandruff free hairs.
Get rid of Dandruff
Curd and lemon juice
when lemon juice and curd remove dandruff and keep healthy your hairs without harming natural texture. Curd works as conditioner too and lemon cleanses your scalp and hair finely.

  • Take 4-5 tablespoon of curd and squeeze 1 lemon juice in it to mix well.

  • Apply onto your hairs, let cover with shower cap.

  • Wash it off after 45 minutes with Anti-dandruff shampoo.

Make your dandruff free and healthy by using curd and lemon juice. For dry and frizzy hairs - always use lemon juice with curd. Just because only lemon juice can make your scalp excess dry. When mix with curd it will keep hair moisture balance with lemon.

Surprising benefits and natural ways to get rid of dandruff you can have by using and applying your kitchen stuff. Isn’t it natural and cost effective too?

Let’s have a try for dandruff free and healthy hairs and share your ideas with us as well in below comment box.

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