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10 Dry hair Treatments from your kitchen

We would love to have long, shiny and lustrous hairs. But not everyone blessed with that, isn’t but we all wanted to have it at any cost. Many of ladies go to salon & take expensive hair treatment as well. But salon treatment is much expensive and time taking, every time we can’t afford it at the cost of money and time. Dry hair needs some extra care. If you also want shiny and bouncy hair for many more attractive hairstyles then try some easy and natural dry hair treatment, which can be done at home from your kitchen as well. It will restore your hair natural moisture to treat dry hair. Best thing about these remedies is that it is completely organic and natural so harm on your hairs later. Regular natural treatment of dry hairs can back the life in your stunning locks. While you doing another household work meanwhile it nourishes your dry hair as well, save your time, money and of course your hairs  🙂 [Hair Care at home]

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Here presenting 10 dry hair treatments from your kitchen can be done at home

Hot oil treatment Hair oiling and massaging improve blood circulation and make hairs healthy. For dry hair you need to put extra effort.

• Mix Jojoba oil, almond oil, olive oil and coconut oil as same amount, warm it into a pot.

• Be careful no need of full hot only let it lukewarm.

• Massage gentle by finger pours at least for 10-15 minutes well.

• Then wrap a towel to your hairs leave it for 30 minutes.

• Unwrap it after 30 minutes and wash with mild shampoo.

At least use once in a week for natural glow to your dry hairs and make it healthy, soft and shiny.

Fenugreek hair mask Soak 2 table spoon of fenugreek in normal water overnight. In the morning grind it coarsely then apply over hairs well. Make hair portion and apply from scalp to locks then cover your hairs with the hair cap if you want. Let it dry for 30 minutes after that rinse well and wash with mild shampoo. Fenugreek makes hairs strong by it roots and add shining as well. By using fenugreek treatment you can get double benefits dry hairs can be much manageable with ultra shining and strong hair locks.

Egg Mask for dry hairs Egg is just wonderful home remedies in dry hair treatment. Eggs give supply and smooth hair instantly.

  • Blend egg (1 egg for short to medium hair and 2 egg would be enough for long hairs) well with few amount of water.

  • Apply all over your hair and leave it for 30 minutes then wash it off.

You can get rid of hair dryness instantly. For volumalized and shiny hair most recommendable treatment is egg mask. After doing this you will be surprised to have a shinnying in your hair.

Yogurt and honey mask yogurt and honey contains all the stuff which makes hair healthier and shinier. It is anti-bacterial and anti- fungal too. Cleanse dry hairs very well and condition as well without lacking of natural moisture.

  • Mix half bowl of yogurt with 2 table spoon of honey.

  • Apply all over the hairs, Leave it for 30 minutes then rinse off.

Best ever dry hair treatment once you will do then can’t stop yourself by doing every week for healthy and shiny hairs.

Banana mask for dry hairs Eat 1 banana everyday boost your health, then apply banana can make your hair healthy too. Banana mask is great for dry hairs. Because of high in potassium and moisture banana rejuvenate your hair as well with root. It spread shine, smoothness and growth to dry hair. It also repair damage hairs, reduces split ends and removes dryness from hairs.

  • Mash fully ripe banana well and apply all over hairs and leave it for an hour.

  • Rinse it off after 1 hour with lukewarm water and get healthy and shiny hairs.

Note: you can use 2 table spoon of honey too in mashed banana to for honey banana mask very effective dry hair treatment can be done at home.

Now manage your hair with banana and enjoy shiny locks.

Beer for dry hair Beer has alcoholic properties, thus it makes hair much glowing and healthy. Protein presents in beer make treats damaged hair as well and make hairs shiny and smooth. Beer can be used as hair conditioner, hair spray and hair stiller too.

  • After wash your hair with shampoo adds beer in your full mug of water.

  • Wet your hair with this mixture in last rinse.

It works like wonderful natural conditioner for dry hairs. Pour beer in spray bottle and spray it in your hair when hairs will be dry after shampoo. You can style your hairs and make the locks in any way beer will support to style in managed way.

NOTE: Apply beer in dry hairs only not in wet hair to skip smell of beer.

Mayonnaise massage for dry hairs if you are in hurry and want your dry hair should be stylist with shining then go with full mayonnaise massage to your hair. It is the best dry hair treatment which is appreciated by top hair stylist too and can be done at home.

  • Take 1 small cup of full fat mayonnaise, massage gently from scalp to hairs well.

  • Cover all over hair with it and wear a shower cap, let it for an hour, then rinse with Luke warm water.

Repeat each week this high level protein contains mayonnaise for dry hair treatment. You’re shinier, healthier and stylist locks are surprisingly ready.

Aloe Vera mask for dry hair Aloe Vera has lots of vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids which has numerous health and hair benefits. Aloe Vera treats dry hair very well with ultra shine.

  • 1 cup of natural aloe Vera pulp can be applying directly to your dry hairs.

  • Leave it for an hour, and then rinse it off with lukewarm water.

Mix aloe Vera pulp with fenugreek paste or power as well to get extra shine and strength to your hairs.

Amla and shikakai pack for dry hairs Indian goose berry (Amla) is just wonder and ancient home remedies for any kind of hairs. To get rid of hair problems you must add Amla and shikakai to your hair care regime. It will make your hair healthy and shining also promotes hair growth by preventing hair falls.

  • Mix Amla with shikakai powder well with yogurt.
  • Apply all over hair, let it for 30 minutes then rinse it off.

You can make organic and natural hair shampoo too with Amla and shikakai. Best ever hair tonic for dry hair can be applied once in a week. Powder form of Amla and shikakai are available in markets either you can by it directly or make a powder at home by raw.

Vinegar for dry hairs Vinegar is very healthy for hairs, it maintain the pH level of scalp. Vinegar removes extra chemical from hair which can due on hair after shampoo, which can worsen your dry hairs. To get rid of dry hair problems treat it well with vinegar and have a healthy and shiny hair.

  • Take Half cup of vinegar and mix it with 1 full cup of water.

  • Wet your hairs with this mixture after shampoo as conditioner.

  • Let it leave for 10 minutes and rinse off with Luke warm water. You can use it before shampoo too.

Vinegar treats wonderfully to dry hairs and make super silky and shiny hairs.

Above all the dry hair treatments are perfect and natural can be done at home. So, now no need to worry for your dry hair, step into your kitchen and have a healthy and shining hairs by using these tips. Try it for sure and share your own experience and ideas here as well in comments box. [Hair Care at home]

Have super shiny locks 🙂 

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